Touch-Free Sanitary Bin

Introducing the Auto-Lid Sanitary Disposal unit from Newcastle Sanitary Disposal—a smart solution to combat the spread of infections and ensure impeccable hygiene standards.

We understand that infections can easily spread through contact, making it crucial to maintain proper hygiene practices. That’s why we’re proud to present our Auto-Lid Sanitary Disposal unit, designed to meet legal requirements while enhancing the elegance of your premises.

Sleek and slimline, our Auto-Lid bin seamlessly complements any modern bathroom décor with its attractive charcoal grey finish. Its compact size ensures convenient placement alongside toilets without causing inconvenience.

With a battery-operated system, the Auto-Lid unit allows for hands-free operation—simply wave your hand over the sensor to open the lid, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination through physical contact.

Equipped with extra-strong fresh granules, our bins envelop sanitary napkins and tampons in a powerful sterilising vapour, effectively destroying infectious germs and neutralising unpleasant odours. The inclusion of a modesty tray ensures discretion by keeping waste out of sight.

At Newcastle Sanitary Disposal, our professional staff conduct regular collections of our Auto-Lid sanitary bins, replacing them with freshly sanitised units. This full bin exchange sets us apart from competitors, ensuring you always have a clean bin after every visit.

Experience the difference with Newcastle Sanitary Disposal’s Auto-Lid Sanitary Disposal unit—a hygienic and convenient solution for your premises.

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Touch-Free Sanitary Bin Features: