Insect Control Unit

Welcome to Newcastle Sanitary Disposal’s Insect Control Solutions! Insects like flies and mosquitoes are a common part of life, but with effective insect control, they don’t have to be a nuisance on your premises. Insects not only detract from the appearance of your space but also pose serious risks by spreading germs and diseases. It’s crucial for everyone to take responsibility for controlling insects and pests.

Our Insect Control Units are perfect for various settings including restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, clubs, and washrooms—anywhere insects tend to be a problem. Designed to address public health and hygiene concerns associated with insects, our units offer a practical solution for your building.

The sleek pearl-white design seamlessly integrates into modern rooms without emitting any noticeable odour. Our automatic aerosol dispensers can be tailored to your specific needs, releasing a natural insecticide repellent—pyrethrum—ensuring a safe and pest-free environment without harmful chemicals.

Let Newcastle Sanitary Disposal alleviate some of the hassle associated with pest management. With over 25 years of industry experience, we are one of Australia’s largest washroom services companies, committed to ensuring your premises remain pest-free. Plus, you can leave the maintenance worries to us—we’ve got it covered. Experience hassle-free insect control with Newcastle Sanitary Disposal today!

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Insect Control Unit Features: